" Atlanta Concert Band

Date: Jul 04, 2024
Time: 2:00 PM
Admission: Free!

Glover Park, Marietta
50 N Park Square
Marietta, GA 30060

Every Sunday Evening
Time: 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Mount Vernon Presbyterian Church (Fellowship Hall)
471 Mount Vernon Highway
Sandy Springs, Ga. 30328

The Atlanta Concert Band's mission is committed to enriching the lives of our patrons through performance and education. During each concert, in addition to the great music, we provide you with the story behind the music.

We are proud to bring you these stories and a variety of other educational materials on our
Atlanta Concert Band Learning Channel
on YouTube.

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Name Instrument
Aguirre, Jack Clarinet
Avecilla, Jasmine Trumpet
Barnes, Robert Tenor Sax
Barry, Christina Bassoon
Berry, Peter Trumpet
Blackburn, James Trumpet
Blumenkrantz, Jason Clarinet
Bogan, Evan Euphonium
Bonapfel, Paul Trombone
Bowen, Jessi Bassoon
Cekis, Elaine Trumpet
Charlton, Lisa Horn
Ciprari, Kristen Clarinet
Cuttler, Sandra Clarinet
Dale, Barry Horn
DiLaura, Jenny Alto Sax
Douglas, Christian Euphonium
Elberger, Elizabeth Horn
Fierro, Marcie Flute
Flanders, Joe Trombone
Flanders, Kippi Clarinet
Giddeon, Richard Clarinet
Gleichman, Peter Percussion
Goodwin, Stephen Trumpet
Hauser, Steven Bari Sax
Herde, Zachary Clarinet
Hetrick, Tracy Clarinet
Hibbard, John Tuba
Holt, Elijah Alto Sax
Hooper, Heidi Flute
Howard, Dan Trumpet
Howard, Steve Trombone
Hunt, Laurie Alto Sax
Hunt, Wes Percussion
Jones, Jeffry Alto Sax
Jones, Kathleen Flute
Lang, Collin Percussion
Lesser, Mark Bass Clarinet
Livingston, Amy Flute
Livington, Jenna Oboe
Lurvey, Brooke Flute
Mack, Sean Trombone
McClatchey, Reynolds Flute
Mouse aka R Giddeon, Mickey English Horn
Norris, Hugh Trombone
Osborn, Steven Tenor Sax
Pasteris, Maureen Bass Clarinet
Peek, Perry Tuba
Price, Michael Trumpet
Retter, Stacey Clarinet
Roat, Ann Flute
Rooney, Don Horn
Santos, Mikayla Euphonium
Scanling, Paul Conductor
Schiff, Brian Clarinet
Sheffield, John Trumpet
Slaughter, Justin Alto Sax
Snecinski, Jane Percussion
Sorice, Angelina Clarinet
Spaeth, Kris Horn
Stoutamire, W. David Trumpet
Thompson, Russ Trumpet
Thor, Sharmi Flute
Truhan, Nathan Tuba
Ullman, Brendan Percussion
Whitlock, Janet Trumpet
Wingate, James Horn
Zehr, Tim Clarinet

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